Patient Portal

We have partnered with eClinical Works to provide you with a top of the line application to access your medical records. Follow this link to access our patient portal.

Our Doctors

Learn more about our experienced medical staff! Ability Rehabilitation was founded in 1992 and has been building a strong and compassionate team ever since.

Facilities & Services

Our offices are located in Salisbury, Maryland. Feel free to contact via phone or visit one of our location. Also be sure to check out some of our partners in the area for further assistance!

Our Mission

Imagine all the obstacles that an individual must overcome after a serious car accident, severe head injury, or sudden stroke. Or what about all of the people who deal with chronic degenerative conditions or who are born with disabilities? Not surprisingly, it takes a well coordinated effort to help patients through the complex issues related to recovery: physical rehabilitation, psychological support, and any concurrent medical conditions.

For example, a patient admitted to an intensive care unit for a spinal cord injury will remain in an acute-care facility for a certain length of time, followed by a stay in an acute or subacute rehabilitation center. Outpatient and homecare options may also become part of the recovery plan. Whatever the scenario, the ultimate goal is to help the patient reach his or her maximum level of function and self-sufficiency, preferably in the home setting.

Ability Rehab Associates helps patients realize that goal.